Here are they ten things I wish I knew before I started homeschooling.

10– There are two papers that you need to know and love. These papers are the Homeschool Notification form, and the Academic Assessment form which I will expound on in a later section. * The Notification form is what you fill out briefly to send to your local school district. This form notifies them of your intent to homeschool. 

9– There are different methods out there. Online public which is not defined as homeschool and it allows you too fill out for Ed Choice Scholarships and other scholarships if you ever return back to a non-homeschool setting. Classical Conversations,, Charlotte Mason and so many more. My absolute favorite is SchoolhouseTeachers.com Biblically based curriculum and resources for the whole family.
8– The different tracking methodsOne method is the Assessment based method. You can usually sign up for the assessments through most brick and mortar schools, online learning schools, or you can purchase them on your own.  Another method is the Binder Method.This is my preferred method. You guessed it I am a nerdy binder loving homeschool momma.❤ I collect my kiddos daily work and weekly/bi-weekly tests organizing them into a portfolio. I show their binders to a certified teacher, or friend at the end of each year so they can review them and if they look satisfactory the reviewer signs the ……………… guessed it Assessment Form that I mentioned earlier. I then include the Notification form in the letter at the end of the school year and wait on the districts response. *Notification and Assessment Forms can be printed directly off of the ODE website.

7– Establish the reason you have decided to homeschool in the first place.We decided to homeschool to give our children more face time with God & Christianity.  We wanted the best part of their day. I remember before homeschooling waiting for them to get off the bus and I usually would be met with grumpiness, tiredness, and attitudes. This knocked the wind out of my sail.

6– Be prepared for the scrutiny about choosing to homeschool & socialization. You are not isolating your child from the world. We heard enough about being alone together. You are insulating them from the world.  You are detaching them from the world and world systems allowing them to be trained up in righteousness. Just like Roman’s 12:1-2

Side bar*All activities count if a time log is required with your method. It is not required with my preferred method. 

5– Own it! The school days will be shorter. The start/end time will be different but to set up your family for success you have to make it your own. Make a chart that works for you. We school 4 days a week off on Friday’s. We also plan our off days around my husband’s off days. 

4– Be prepared  for all your insecurities to be poured out, but choose to allow them to make you stronger. Side bar : Why is that the most amazing always wonder if they are doing enough, or if they are doing it right? On the other hand the most negligent feel like they are killing it as a parent. Like they deserve some sort of a cape.I digress.

3– A benefit of focused education and acceleration opportunities. Our oldest daughter started reading at the age of 4 year and our son started reading at 3 yrs old.

2– A benefit of more family time and spontaneous ways of teaching. Be intentional. I first taught my young son how to add and subtract with fruit loops. It was a success, and to this day he loves math.

1– Allow them to develop and individualized way of thinking instead of a monolithic way. Cultivate their creativity and watch their limitless potential grow.

*Side bar/ Food for thoughtWhat other area of life besides brick and mortar schools force them to be only around the same aged people most of the time.

You can do this with Christ’s help.Becoming a homeschool family is a huge undertaking, but one that I would never take for granted, or desire to change.God bless you all! Thank you for reading and supporting. Feel free to Subscribe and comment

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