I was in the middle of disciplining my son, and I said something that stuck with me. Don’t be mad at your punishment be mad at your sin. How many times do we do this as children of God. I have done things in my life that was not how God desired for me to do them from time to time too, but that should not be the norm. We should not think it strange when our perfect judge and good father allows us to reap the consequences of those choices. Let’s examine of lives to make sure we are living in a way that is pleasing to Christ , not a life that pleasing to our society norms. The world’s SCREAMING what it thinks, says, or feels let’s not let our response be a whisper. Jesus offended people for upholding the standards of God why would the world respond any differently to us unless we blend so much with the world we no longer seem any different from them. Be 100% honest, and watch the transformation and growth that can happen.
Remember to Trust God Cry and Repeat 

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