I had to share. It’s not just girls. It is women of all ages. Music, media, and Culture seem to be influencing the Christian and none a like. I was blessed with a dad who had no filter when it came to what I was not going to wear, say or do. I wasn’t going to be talking to boys on the phone. I was not leaving the house half dressed or sitting around the house that way either. I wasn’t wearing fake nails, and he hated when I tried to wear weave. It set me up to know I had worth, and value. I did not need anything additional to be loved, or beautiful, I was wife material, and nothing less. This was is in my pre-Christ days. In 2002 I gave myself to the Lord. I found a love that I thought died with my dad in 2001. Thanks to my upbringing, @exministries, and my now husband of 16 yrs @herostuffbro we heard about the Truth Behind Hip Hop. This helped cultivate what my dad instilled. The world wanted our eyes, ears, and mouths to promote the world and worlds way. We chose to promote the Lord in every area of our lives instead. We threw away all secular music, and stepped into correct creation roles. Christian music only! Gods way only! Parenting for God’s Glory Only!!!
We chose and still choose not bow to the immodest dressing, immoral secular music, or passive parenting.
To God be the Glory.

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