I am beyond tired of the shaming of people including myself being made to feel bad or be deemed irresponsible because we have insurmountable evidence that masking ourselves and our family is not the solution to the current “virus” issue. I get that everyone has the right to their own opinion. So why is it that the only opinions that are supported are those that fit the global narrative?
Where did rights go ?
I guess i dissapeared like the flu did?
You don’t have to agree that is the beauty of having an option, but for the love of mustard stop trying to make people feel GUILTY for using their God given right to CHOOSE what they want to do in there household with there family. That used to be ok, but I guess that is the old way of things. You can not even go to your kids appointments without being forced to do something that you don’t agree with. Conform/Comply or leave . Its madness!!!!! I WILL NOT BOW . EVEN SO COME LORD JESUS. JESUS COME


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