Lord I want

Lord, I want to be wise. I never want to be the latter part of this scripture. I want to be the brick that’s added to the wall to complete their firm foundation; instead of the spark that kindles their hidden doubt. I want to love imperfectly but remind them of Christ’s unfailing love, because
life has a way of erasing from our memories to serve as like your serving the Lord or love without records of wrongs. Sometimes, days happen where your get worn out and you stop a second too long and you heed the whispers from satan that yell BROKEN, DAMAGED,  DISPOSABLE!!!
Who is he to question who God chose for the task at hand?
I am here to encourage you that some of the most strategic opponents never have to throw a punch if they can convince their opponent that they are already  beaten. Do not believe the lies that you are not built for this with Christ going before you!!!
I pray that we as godly women are construction workers at home and not demolitionist. In Jesus name amen.


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