Two out of the four children from down the street came into our yard for the millionth time and my kids are were pushing me to the edge of my nerves and usually if they came over something was broken, stolen or knocked over. So, I peeked out the door and politely shooed them away but one came closer to the door. After trying to shoo her away as well she put her little tiny foot in between the door and me which got my attention immediately. So, I asked the reason she needed me to come outside. She told me she just wanted to give me a hug. That pierced me to my heart. I scrambled for a response noticing ice cream in her hair. I also noticed some lice too, and hadn’t had a bath in days it seemed. The real reason I hesitated was because I was in my pajamas and I didn’t feel it was appropriate to hug someone else’s child in my pajamas. So, I replied that I couldn’t hug her right now because she had ice cream in her hair, (not my best moment .) So hearing my refusal for a hug at that moment she hurried home. Then I saw her running from her house back towards me. I stood confused as I waited to see what she was doing. I opened the door all the way this time and she told me look my hair is all clean now. Be still my heart. because she had found some water outside and came back. I felt so embarrassed that I couldn’t get past myself to hug her the first time. I honestly didn’t feel good enough because I had just fussed at my kids and I was getting attacked by satan to feel disposable, and this little blessing wanted a hug not caring about anything else. I was a mess with tears and I just asked her to save me a hug and when I came out later on I will give her a big one. This made her smile and I closed the door and my husband just happened to be standing behind me so I end up turning into his arms and I just cried. He saw how hard the day was and I tried to explain what I got from it. What just happened. I felt like I missed an opportunity to have God break into my discipline, reproof, and chaotic type day to allow a kiddo to give me a blessing & get a blessing for herself. I pray I see her again.

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