June 24, 2020

“Here goes nothing”

I asked myself why do this?

I felt like being an encouragement to other women is a gift that I know is God given. I know under the current life altering circumstances there needs to be a deliberate point back to Jesus. I write as way to take a step back to analyze how the Lord is present through all of these challenges. I want to let my readers know that you….Matter!

Reasons to check out this website:

  • As an extra dose of encouragement through the week
  • A way to connect with another imperfect woman just wanting to please the Lord with her life
  • You may find a treasure to share with someone else

I want to share things that challenge the reader, but also encourage them, and spur them on in the Lord.

  • I chose to blog publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal because I honestly am running out of notebooks and journals. No, really I feel compelled to share what the Lord has given me instead of keeping it to myself. I do not believe that all the things I made it through was for me to keep it to myself. I write to give God glory!
  • I plan to write about a wide array of topics, but all under the umbrella of Biblical womanhood, and proper creation roles.
  • I will also cover topics like parenting a child with CHD, TAPVR Type 1, homeschooling 3 children, my poetry, possibly soap making once I finish my 1st set of which will be all natural, and my first book entitled, “Trust God Cry Repeat: Mom Chronicles.
  • This site is also geared totally to women. Sorry guys feel free to check out my husband’s website @Herostuffbro.com or his friend’s website: Joushua’sOutpost.com
  • If I blog successfully throughout the next year, I hope to have a large enough support team to be able to take T.G.C.R where God decides next.

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