Does it seem like discouragement is lurking outside your door? Or your best efforts get foiled by the endless drama life serves up on a silver platter.
In the middle of a trying time today I stopped and prayed then I said Lord if everything was perfect here on earth we would hate to leave here.
I waited until later to truly digest this truth. I hope my perspective is forever changed. How much more peace would I have if I looked at my newest challenge or chaotic interruption as me being entrusted with it because God trusts me to give Glory through it rather than something else shoveled on top of everything else.
Too many complaints have flowed out my lips lately. I have chew on this concept for a bit and prayerfully allow it to reshape my life. LADIES,
What you do matters! You are loved by God and are created to bring Him Glory. If no one said it today, I love you ladies, and keep doing what you are doing. It takes a Biblical husband and a Biblical woman to train theses kids up in the way they should go. Also, remember to Trust God as you Cry and Repeat. God bless you.

Less Ammo

Peeling back the layers on this journey to a healthier me. I realized that one thing will remain the same no matter what I lose and this is not a slam post or negative type post. I just realized that one side of my face will already be be a little larger. Let me explain.

I plan to confront every insidious trick of the devil to pick apart my imago dei confidence. At 18, I started training under my Sensei James Hall. Some of of you ladies caught that. 

I was training with this ex- football massiveness of guy. I didn’t know much about sparring(fighting)with a partner. I did not not know about it being less intense than a real fight. After my opponent kept stating to my Sensei that I was kicking too hard I tried to pull back on my intensity, and then my innate “gracefulness” kicked in. He kept flinching bringing his knee up to block me and I slipped on the mat allowing me face to unite with his knee then my face joined in matrimony with the floor mat beneath.

It hurt so badly and I was immedietly unable to open it very far quickly starttng to swell. I went the next day to get x-rays and you guessed it, it was broken! But in a place where if It got it wired shut it would actually make it worst. So, it healed the way it did, and now the enemy the enemy has less ammo to use against me.

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Can never be too careful

But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed.
James 1:14 NKJV

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How Rock,Paper,Scissors saved my kids life

Maybe you and your little angels have adjusted to every ebb and flo of things during the last 6 months. Oh, but Mine haven’t. My older & little ones have been on high alert! Hyper sensitive to the on going stresses that seemed to pour in lately. Most interactions were like if you grabbed a cat quickly and tried to shove it in a sink full of water. It was a challenge not to come in like a mommy TSUNAMI; then I saw light at the end of the tunnel. After some stern come to Jesus moments we incorporated so very practical things and the ……………………………………………………….Rock /Paper/Scissors game !!!!!!!! It has blissfully cut down arguments and solved the endless “I know buts,” and the “I was just” moments are at an ALL TIME LOW LADIES!!!!!!! God is sooooooo good all the time! 

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Are you this type of woman???????

The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish pulls it down with her hands.
Proverbs 14:1 NKJV
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100% YOU!
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Remember to Trust God as you Cry then repeat!
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Silence the sirens

It’s time to expose darkness and let our light shine ever more brightly.
It’s time to silence the sirens of our day that our contaminating our youth. Music has gotten vile. Filthy women parade around half dressed and sing,rap,and signal with tweets and bird calls and our youth go marching and singing right along with them as they offer themselves as a mouth piece of satan.
SIRENS:” One of several sea nymphs, part woman and part bird, who lure mariners to destruction by their seductive singing.”
Take it away and watch the heartbreak and hostility.  She them search for identity and lead them to JESUS! And see their lives change for the good. See them cover up their bodies that God made for their husbands and see them speak in ways that are respectful instead of n***a or b***h or other. This music is vile. Let’s find truth in the Word of God and stop just marching along to the sirens of this age promoting sex before marriage, unwed pregnancy and filthiness instead of classiness. Turn to Christian music genres Christian rap not hip hip. Christian rock ect whatever genre that is Christian and see some amazing changes. Challenge young ladies to be disgusted by filthy photos instead of secretly being lured into homosexuality.
Real women stand up and say something.

It’s not just one genre of secular music. It’s all of them. If it’s not Christian why put it in you? Don’t be the person bringing the filth in your own home.

The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down.
Proverbs 14:1 ESV

#trustgodcryrepeat #BiblicalWomanhood #Homeboundencouragement

Through her eyes

Through her innocent little eyes she only sees mommy and daddy not the stress shoveled away from them, actively trying to push back the darkness.

Through her innocent little eyes she only sees the playgrounds glistening in the sun not all the plastic caution signs and ropes that prevent her from playing.

Through her innocent eyes she notices familiar faces. It is grandma and grandpa, but she is confused when she is snatched away before she could touch them.Keeping them away from an illness she doesn’t even have herself. There was always a set of open arms waiting what could she have done to deserve this. All in the name of safety but what about her hearts need to feel love.

Through her innocent eyes she remembers seeing a welcoming world filled with smiling faces as she yells Hi!

But now she sees frowned brows and peering eyes over wide stretched fabrics. Seeing what she saw as safe become scary. With Her innocent eyes searches for someone else she can recognize but its fleeting everyone is starting to look the same with their creepy covered mouths.So much change in so little time Changes that her innocent eyes had to see, but wars rage daily for her innocence to be stripped away faster than the Amendments are from our hands. Freedom slipping quickly. Who will stand together?Us, fellow Christians can you hear me? Will we stay silent as the Body ? Or will we pray, refusing to take illogical responses for answers, and scientific lies above the Almighty Truth, God’s Word!