Hi, I would like to first say thank you for taking the time to read this message. I have exciting news. If you have not been introduced to me before my name is Nyoka Hall. I am a local Christian author. I have a new book coming out this year entitled, Better off dead…. silencing the lies of Satan. I wanted to hopefully get this book out to as many Christians, churches and CR programs as possible. This book is a very encouraging, biblically-based, soul-stirring novel during a time where fear and anxiety is ramping up in our fallen world. The prayer for this book is that it helps to focus our minds back on the Word of God and to encourage those who are struggling that what they need is found in Jesus Christ. It also will encourage them that God doesn’t use “Perfect People” to accomplish His will on this Earth. It shows that a perfect God uses imperfect people everyday for His glory. The prayer also for this book is that every reader will be motivated to trust God deeply, and to allow God to lead them through the darkness of this current age. Copies are limited so I wanted to reach out to you personally so that you can pre-order the amount you would need for yourself and for others that this book could bless. Please contact me back if you are interested in pre-ordering. Again thank you for your time and attention to this matter.God bless each and everyone of you. Please share this information with others. The cost of this book will be $18. If you are out of state or prefer shipping shipping it will be available at an additional cost.

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