If you didn’t get to listen to my latest podcast you still have time. Just head over to TrustGodCryrepeat.com and get in on the month of praying for the healing of the married women in our lives infertility issues to be healed that  God will work in our individual situations and women will conceive and boast of the goodness of God! At least 30 have joined. If you are interested in joining in daily praying just DM me or use the contact form on TrustGodCryrepeat.com.
Only God can do this! What’s the worst than can happen we grow deeper in our faith in Jesus?
No gimmicks No nonsense just humbly going before God trusting God for a mighty move.

#Heisfaithful #God_is_faithful #traditionalmarriageistheonlymarriage
#Homeboundencouragement #YouMatter #honoringmyhusband
#lovemymom #lovingwife
#truebelieversunite #respecttheWORDOFGOD
#notavictimanymore #trustgodcryrepeat

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