We love hearing your beautiful, I love you, and you are desirable. Who doesn’t like the lavishing on of compliments from your husband. However, we look confused when we say your handsome, smart, and desirable to our husband, but he doesn’t melt. Well, it’s because you are not speaking his language. Let me explain. We need to hear you are beautiful, I love you, and you are desirable. To have our love tank topped off, but to fill his tank up he wants to hear that you respect him, and that hits his heart in a different way. It resonates as love, and appreciation. Try it! Make a list of 10 things that you respect about your husband then share it in private. Let me how it goes ladies. Here’s mine so you know I did the challenge as well. Happy writing. Blessings

1.) I respect how you care about what God thinks, and orders your life accordingly  

2.) I respect how much you value our legacy, and tend to the task daily.

3.) I respect how bold you are. I’m safe because I know God placed you strong warrior in my our lives.

4.) I respect how hard you work for us. It has not been easy watching you have to go through all those changes.

5.) I respect the faithfulness/loyalty you have for our marriage.

6.) I respect your successful efforts to be more organized and efficient. 

7.) I respect the time and attention you put in for

8.) I respect the intentional love you have for sets of parents. 

9.) I respect the level of integrity you possess.

10.) I respect that it’s so many to admire that it makes it hard to stop at 10. I respect how you study to show yourself approved.

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