I remember everywhere I looked my eyes focused on all the beautiful baby bump in the world. It was like a magnetic field was activated and I found myself complimenting the women and questioning how it was to afforded the blessing to be a mom. I seemed to get a wide array of responses back. Some smiled and said anything from a simple thank you to girl do I look beautiful I feel like a stuffed Thanksgiving Turkey. Then all I could do is return back to my barren life. I only had a hope onesie, and the reminders of the 30 negative pregnancy test from the years before and tearful prayers. Praying and crying often was my bedtime routine because only God could change my diagnosis of it being Physically Impossible for me to ever conceive. I eventually got to the point that even if God never healed me He was still good,  and worthy of my  worship, service, and praise.The full account is available in my book but I will tell you miracles still happen and God allowed it 6 times over with three of my babies in the arms of Jesus and three sleeping snuggly in their beds. Ladies, I remember that I have been healed by God, and I must remember the journey from barren to fruitful in this time of life. To God be the Glory 
For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition that I made to him.

1 Samuel 1:27 ESV
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Look back 

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