Look back week day 2.

Today’s focus is on how God showed up in your finances and giving from the start until now. Not bragging on material things just looking at the growth and even in the mindset of how to handle finances, and the desire and ability to give.

Nothing has ever come easy our family, and being married was not an exception. We both lost our jobs 2 weeks before we got married. We were encouraged to wait to get married, but decided to trust God and start a life together. We struggled to stay afloat. Fast forward two years. Things were looking up when our first miracle was born. Now, finding the new balance of feeding three mouths became a challenge.

I won’t take you through our whole life story online. It would take forever and I would rather share of the goodness of God in person. Our some tea and lemon bars. I will however share one memory in particular. With a little or a lot we gave to others, and got to see the Lord held us through everything.

It almost was an excerpt out of the Bible pages. We had baby food and formula and had the choice to buy diapers or buy my husband and I something for dinner. We knew our lunch meal was the last of our meal. I prepared it and we prayed because his payday was a day away, and if the Lord didn’t provide Ava would be the only one fed. Later that evening we got a call from a friend telling us that she was going to bring us something by from work that she had been meaning to bring. We had told no one, but God that there was no more food. So, we counted it a blessing when she showed up. To this day she didn’t know the two Strawberry fruit bar popsicles she brought were going to be our dinner meal alongside two gourmet glasses of water. We thanked the Lord as if it were a 3 course meal, and enjoyed the flavors he provided. This was a look back on an example of God’s provision even in poverty.

I’m grateful that God has grown our faith, wisdom,resources, and maturity through the years. We have been blessed to still give, and not live paycheck to paycheck anymore. We are able to homeschool, and I can be a full time homemaker thanks to my wonderful husband providing so well for us.

I have since been able to write Trust God Cry Repeat Mom: Chronicles,  and started making my own Ubora Soaps.  100% organic and natural toxin free product. God is so good! To Him be the Honor and Glory Amen.

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