It takes about 4 to 5 secs of being around or talking to another women before comparison starts.

Don’t believe me well set up a playdate and from the second you walk into your friend’s house you see everything your house isn’t (cleanliness, organized, configured or other) or sit by a well- groomed stranger on a bad hair. 

The war is real.The enemy loves to push images, and ideologies that challenge our character, confidence, and contentment. 

From the time you were born there has been a war raging for anti- God influences to infiltrate your life. It adapts over time too. Young and older children usually get hit with body image issues, coupled with the am I doing enough into married life, and finally the full bombarding cycle of body image, parenting skills, schooling choices, Biblical Womanhood, products selection, toxicity levels, make-up or no make up, date nights or no date night, frequency of either decision, cloth or disposable diapers is your head swimming yet. The list goes on.

This war has to be fought and won by slowing your schedule down so you have time to see the schemes of satan. Then studying to have an arsenal full of scriptures to help get some right perspective. We are Imago Dei. Made in the image of God, and to compare cheapens the unique attributes that God handpicked for you. There is no one in the past, present or future that will ever be you. So, stop the war and be 100% you. Don’t cheat others of your impact, influence, or what God created you to be for His glory!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Remember to Trust God Cry Repeat 

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