John 10:10- Steal , Kill, and Destroy doesn’t always mean something tangible. Lately, it’s been my joy. It’s been my peace.  The Pressing toward the mark. (TRUST GOD) Then calling on the name of Jesus, and believing Him to answer (CRY) The burying my face in my husband’s chest with lingering tears hearing him call me a warrior mom which propels me to do it all again. (Repeat) It’s not always the tangible things. I sit and write this after a frustrating day with bedtime coming too late ,and nothing going according to plan. I will be honest for a moment a millisecond satan held my peace,and joy as I watched as it almost turned into dust. Then Christ reminded me about the His resume (Trust God) after I was told that it was physically impossible to conceive then came Ava 

Physically Impossible made possible

(Cry) hearing my tiny baby was not viable………………………….. all 8 months, and Samuel will be 9 this month.

Not Viable turned viable


(Trust God) miracle birth with Nora born with a broken heart . (Cry) in need of a life saving, but possibly life taking surgery and (Repeat)The Lord used her smile tonight to 

Born 3yrs after a successful vasectomy reversed only by God

remind me that the dumb stuff hurts sometimes, but satan can’t have what God blessed me with. In a stressful season of distractions remember what really matters.

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