I woke out of dream this morning where I was in my old childhood home but this time in the dream I was noticing smoke which quickly turned into full flames, so I got my mom to safety. Once outside the home my two older children were there somehow; and for some reason I went back in to savage somethings actually asking them to help me grab things a few things too . This happened two more times. Each time I went in I could feel the heat intensifying. The last time the heat was unbearable we barely escaped with our lives . We absolutely couldn’t go back in. Outside my oldest looked up seeing the house shaking in weakness she said mom it could have fallen on us!I felt dumb why would I allow them to go in with me.I woke up and I started to write these words. Ladies , your past is your past . The good, the bad, and the ugly. The things you didn’t consent to ect….God put them in the past so that it couldn’t get in your way anymore, and so it could not be a hurdle any longer. So, please by no means go shopping through the coals of your past looking to grab HURTS, insecurities, and pain to rekindling them. You are free if you choose to walk forward into where God desires for you to go . Submit to Jesus! Because if you aren’t careful you will make others carry the weight of your past, or you may inadvertently hold your kids accountable for things they weren’t even alive to be apart of. The past traumas may make their surprise hugs bring fearful reminders instead joy filled moments. It might make the uninvited twirls on the merry-go-around trigger feeling of helplessness instead of pure joy. I don’t want my babies , or my God given blessing of a husband to have to carry the weight of my past. It can be  threatening to the life of our home. It stands to kill the fruit you’ve patiently nurtured in them. Choose today to let those past things be removed and walk in the newness of life.  Live INTENTIONALLY!!God bless you , and remember ladies to Trust God Cry Repeat.Written 19 years to the date yesterday of the losing of my beloved father!!!

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