Stay out of your own head. When life happens it is all too easy to assume rather than talk. I have too many times played right into satans hands as a mouthpiece for his lies, and I hope to encourage you to give no place to the devil in yours. Allow the Word of God to be like a clashing cymbal in your lives alerting you of another try of the enemy to fill in the blanks instead of asking a friend what their last post or text meant.

To allow him to fill in the blank when your husband leaves the room during a discussion instead of asking if he is leaving to just gather his thoughts or is he ignoring you. To fill in the blank when you kids seem to be taken a second too long to explain why they are being rude instead of be patient for the truth. Satan is always lurking cowardly to feed you assumptions instead of truth, because he knows there is peace when proper communication happens. 

He knows that if asking the other individual what is implied eventually you will be able to see his tricks from a mile away.  You can even be allowing the devil to bombard you with thoughts of comparision when the real issue is that you are feeling a bit less than today, or fearful. 

That stops today if you choose to open your mouth and drown out the voice of the enemy with your arsenal of scriptures and fight back. Resist the devil and he will FLEE, JUST LIKE THE LORD SAID. Don’t let satan fill in the blanks in your life. Have the hard conversations. 

Ask the unanswered questions. You are not a victim anymore.  Rise up, and  for goodness sake share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Tell of His Awesome saving power. Witness about how He changed you. Tell them the consequences of not giving their lives to Jesus and Jesus alone! Hate sin enough to get into their lives risking the offenses and offer them salvation. Offer them a way out of Hell, because Hell is real and for ALL ETERNITY! Tell them to walk away from the world find a love in Jesus that no one can match or beat. Tell them that, the feeling of longing for more is a pulling of them towards the ALMIGHTY, ONE TRUE GOD. God is BIGGER than this too ladies.  Trust God AS YOU Cry AND REPEAT ! 

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