I have been trying to adjust well to the constant changes in life. Let’s add a toddler growing molars and it has been a time this week. I was crying out to the Lord because it seems super easy for my older kids to engage their force fields between my feelings and their current endeavors not really caring about anyone else. I love them. The yelling, crying, exhausted toddler however finds a way to hug me, kissing my face until my frustrations turns into smiles.

That reminder stopped the tears as I was posed with the statement that what I do most will come out. For her I guess I kiss her through her frustration and hold her through her fears.

Ladies, keep up the good work. We will reap if we faint not Galatians 6:9. What you do matters. It is hard training them up but you have been through worst! And you aren’t doing this alone woman of God. The Lord God be with you. Let this grow you. Trust God as you Cry and repeat. ❤

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