Does it seem like discouragement is lurking outside your door? Or your best efforts get foiled by the endless drama life serves up on a silver platter.
In the middle of a trying time today I stopped and prayed then I said Lord if everything was perfect here on earth we would hate to leave here.
I waited until later to truly digest this truth. I hope my perspective is forever changed. How much more peace would I have if I looked at my newest challenge or chaotic interruption as me being entrusted with it because God trusts me to give Glory through it rather than something else shoveled on top of everything else.
Too many complaints have flowed out my lips lately. I have chew on this concept for a bit and prayerfully allow it to reshape my life. LADIES,
What you do matters! You are loved by God and are created to bring Him Glory. If no one said it today, I love you ladies, and keep doing what you are doing. It takes a Biblical husband and a Biblical woman to train theses kids up in the way they should go. Also, remember to Trust God as you Cry and Repeat. God bless you.

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