Peeling back the layers on this journey to a healthier me. I realized that one thing will remain the same no matter what I lose and this is not a slam post or negative type post. I just realized that one side of my face will already be be a little larger. Let me explain.

I plan to confront every insidious trick of the devil to pick apart my imago dei confidence. At 18, I started training under my Sensei James Hall. Some of of you ladies caught that. 

I was training with this ex- football massiveness of guy. I didn’t know much about sparring(fighting)with a partner. I did not not know about it being less intense than a real fight. After my opponent kept stating to my Sensei that I was kicking too hard I tried to pull back on my intensity, and then my innate “gracefulness” kicked in. He kept flinching bringing his knee up to block me and I slipped on the mat allowing me face to unite with his knee then my face joined in matrimony with the floor mat beneath.

It hurt so badly and I was immedietly unable to open it very far quickly starttng to swell. I went the next day to get x-rays and you guessed it, it was broken! But in a place where if It got it wired shut it would actually make it worst. So, it healed the way it did, and now the enemy the enemy has less ammo to use against me.

#BiblicalWomanhood #Homeboundencouragement #YouMatter #Keepfightingthegoodfight #TRUSTGODCRYREPEAT

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