During prayer,  I was hit with something that changed me forever. 
It all started with a baffling question.  I wondered why the enemy always makes women feel bad about things that take a long time to fix.  For example it takes the longest time to lose but I can gain it in record time. Or grow hair, thin out hair, cut hair or thicken hair. You get the point. 
I was stuck for a minute until the Lord explained the true motive of the devil.
He gets us fixated on the toe that’s a little longer than the other one, or the aging skin on your neck or the thigh roll or lack there of. It just doesn’t look like the world’s standard of “beauty.”It’s a long game distraction.  If he can get us to dislike as many things as possible about ourselves we will eventually avoid being in pictures with our friends and family members; We would avoid speaking up because people might see those same imperfections; We would avoid intimacy with our husband if possible (devil is a liar)
We would avoid encouraging other women, and eventually avoiding the mirror because we hate seeing our own reflection. We would then invite guilt and shame come on in and take a seat! At first I was just agreeing with all that he had attempted with me when I was saw the now clear objective. He does not create those avenues of shame and fixations because we are so flawed,unattractive, or so far below the standard of Beauty. It is God’s standard that matters anyway, but it is because  we are  Imago Dei, made in the image of God.! If you detest yourself enough you will forget to remember this fact. This blew me away. It made so much sense. God did not create just 1 perfect size or shape because it would only be that one size or shape. The scriptures say man looks at the outer appearance but God looks at the heart . This is the last part of 2 Cor. 5:12. I am not jumping on any platform that negates the necessity to be healthy. Health is important. Self-Control is important. I am screaming this clear message through these written words.  I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE, AND YOU ARE TOO!!!!! So, tear up the mental list of body parts you hate, and check your heart. Check it before you go into spiritual cardiac arrest. Dying to truth and living our the lies that how God made you biological Biblical woman are good enough! You ARE A MASTERPIECE NOW GO FREE!!!!!!!

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