Through her innocent little eyes she only sees mommy and daddy not the stress shoveled away from them, actively trying to push back the darkness.

Through her innocent little eyes she only sees the playgrounds glistening in the sun not all the plastic caution signs and ropes that prevent her from playing.

Through her innocent eyes she notices familiar faces. It is grandma and grandpa, but she is confused when she is snatched away before she could touch them.Keeping them away from an illness she doesn’t even have herself. There was always a set of open arms waiting what could she have done to deserve this. All in the name of safety but what about her hearts need to feel love.

Through her innocent eyes she remembers seeing a welcoming world filled with smiling faces as she yells Hi!

But now she sees frowned brows and peering eyes over wide stretched fabrics. Seeing what she saw as safe become scary. With Her innocent eyes searches for someone else she can recognize but its fleeting everyone is starting to look the same with their creepy covered mouths.So much change in so little time¬†Changes that her innocent eyes had to see, but wars rage daily for her innocence to be stripped away faster than the Amendments are from our hands. Freedom slipping quickly. Who will stand together?Us, fellow Christians can you hear me? Will we stay silent as the Body ? Or will we pray, refusing to take illogical responses for answers, and scientific lies above the Almighty Truth, God’s Word!

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