Ladies have you stopped lately to see how God is blessing you through your husband? Let me explain the Lord allowed my now husband to find me in a time where I was at my lowest point. I lost my dad Aug.21,2001 and until Oct. 29, 2002 I suffered through many things that will be addressed in later posts. I was a diamond that had been dropped along the side of the road, uncovered and beginning to show signs of erosion due to my new found exposure.
He came into my life unexpectedly and reminded this buried treasure that I was indeed a treasure and has not let down every since. He is an extension of God’s love . He washes me over with the Gospel. He is my baby, and I was challenged to look at the examples of how well he loves me, protects me, comforts me all because of Christ! Tear up the list of short comings and look for how the Lord is using your husband in your life today, this week, this year.
Share with him and see if it makes a difference. See if it is a glimmer of hope is this daunting darkness.

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