Doing something that you are not equipped for is exhausting ! Ladies have you been feeling like you’ve been tackling one thing after another after another in life with little reprieve? Like, you are hypersensitively waiting with your fire extinguisher in hopes to extinguish the next fire then the next and the next.Well I have. This crazy isolated life has been crashing in and I will admit I have been impersonating a firefighter. Let me explain, Fire fighter trains anywhere from 3months-5 years for there job. They know all the signs and protocol for extinguishing fires including how they start and their patterns, and has the right gear for the job, but I am doing it with no preparations. We have homeschooled for 6 yrs prior to this so that’s a great grace of prep, the rest of this caught me unaware. In many cases we have been thrusted into months and months of high stressed, rations, restricting changes and I had to face it, and we all had to face. My fires have been popping up at random times in random locations and I want to encourage you to go to the Lord for the stamina to help with the kids (fires), life(fires), jobs(fires), virus deaths(fires)financial(fires), canceling important events (fires) and anything else that has been popping up to in your life for The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10!

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