It’s not your fault. Life dishes up more than you ask for from time to time but hear me it is at no fault of your own.You are strong. You are a fighter, but you can’t stop the loss of loved ones. If you were there you could not have stopped deaths hand.It’s not your job to cling to the lives of others that I breathed into existence. Everyone has an arrival and departure date. I know you love them. Life seems quite different and harder without a parent in your life. Now you are a parent too.No blueberry no vitamin or activity who has stopped those beautiful babies from entering into heaven’s Gates. Again I know you love them too.You were excited willing and loving for every second you held them within you. Your womb is not broken. You are not defective. You are a vessel that house and showcase my miracles. Remember physically impossible was your future per the world, but my word immutably States in Mark 5:34 daughter your faith has made you whole go in peace and be healed .Remember to look back and see my rewards in the mist of the pain. Nh1/8/20

I wrote this during in the waiting on the news of if we were expecting another baby while feeling responsible for the miscarriages from the past

Mark 5:34 was my encouragement

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